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Your business coach in Brussels: customer reviews

  • Eva
    Noëlle offers coaching sessions in an atmosphere of trust and security that invites an open exchange and makes you feel good immediately. She is a good listener and shows great empathy which she uses to accompany you throughout the coaching period. Her methodology is, in addition, the most adequate to reach the identified objectives.
    Senior Legal Expert, Eurocontrol
  • Nawel
    The coaching sessions with Noelle allowed me to move forward on issues that were bothering me but also to go further by exploring what may be behind them and put in place actions that helped me to bring about a change in my attitude and vision.
    Human Resources Manager, Mersen
  • Jérémy
    This coaching reassured me about the professional path I had taken, while opening me up to other horizons, other desires, other curiosities in my professional life. I found efficient and structured help, attentive listening, opening different doors for me, while leaving me the choice to enter or not.
    European Public Affairs specialist
  • Cristina
    I turned to Noelle when my career reached a very critical phase: I still loved my job but I felt the need to do it differently and to explore other horizons. Noelle listened to me and encouraged a path of reflection that allowed me to become aware of my strengths, my values, my deepest aspirations... after only a few sessions, I already feel much more confident and better equipped to continue on my own.
    Education and training sector
  •  Aïda
    Noëlle is a very professional, humble person, with a lot of listening skills and solid knowledge that helps to overcome blockages. I feel empowered and more in control of my life after this coaching.
    Project Manager in the sustainable development sector
  • Youn
    My coaching journey with Noëlle has exceeded all my expectations. It allowed me to determine my expectations and needs in my professional life. Thanks to her, I found a new job that is a much better fit for me but for which I probably would not have applied before doing the course with Noëlle. I received practical tools for my career and felt that the course was tailored to me. It's an exercise I recommend to everyone and with Noëlle, you are in good hands.
    Graphic Design specialist
  • Chloé
    Before being a coach, Noëlle is someone who possesses great relational and emotional intelligence. She also has more than 10 years of experience in the European institutions (lobbying) which gives her a real vision of the business world.
    Communication Manager in the transport sector

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