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Career Coaching

  • Feeling less motivated to go to work lately ?
  • Wondering if you’ve chosen your career path wisely ?
  • Have you been in the same job for a long time and sometimes begin to doubt your abilities ?
  • Do you want to evolve but feel stuck ?
  • Do you enjoy your work but don’t see yourself doing the same thing for years to come ?

These few situations illustrate the cases where career coaching is the appropriate answer to allow you to bounce back and move forward in your professional life.

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Here is a range of possible situations that we can address:

  • Taking stock of the current situation
  • Become aware of your values and deep motivations
  • Reconnecting you to what’s important to you
  • Identify new career paths that suit you
  • Helping you make decisions and overcome blockages
  • Accompany you towards change: professional repositioning, CV, LinkedIn, selection interviews.
Expected results
  • Identify your strengths and talents that you need using in your career
  • Clarify the fields of activities in which to deploy your skills
  • List the organisations you can apply to in case of change
  • Feeling legitimate to apply and ready for selection interviews
  • Learn how to sell yourself and feel authentic about it
  • Refocus on what is important to you
  • Achieve a work-life balance

Professional coaching

  • Are you overwhelmed with work and struggling to set priorities right now ?
  • Do you tend to be a perfectionist and have trouble delegating ?
  • Would you like to learn how to manage your stress and emotions in the workplace ?
  • You are in charge of a team and would like to be able to communicate better with everyone ?
  • Would you like to strengthen your position as a manager ?
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Professional coaching is the key to enabling you to live a quality professional life, where you will be able to express your full potential!

Here are a few examples of the work we can do together:

  • Giving you the tools for effective interpersonal communication.
  • Working on your assertiveness and charisma in public
  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Reinforce your self-confidence
  • Improve your managerial skills
  • Manage your stress and prevent burnout

What results to expect ?

  • You will be able to better prioritize your personal and professional priorities.
  • You learn how to manage your resources and energy more efficiently
  • You will develop a fair amount of self-confidence
  • You experience better interpersonal relationships
  • You feel that you reinvest your work and your private life

Stress and Burn out

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to set your priorities?
  • You work a lot but you can’t be satisfied with yourself?
  • Do you feel that work takes up a disproportionate share of your life?
  • Are you exploding over nothing or have you become very sensitive to colleagues’ remarks lately?
  • Are you getting more and more tired and have trouble sleeping properly?
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In the face of performance injunctions from companies to employees, in the face of scarcer resources and because of our emotional investment in work, stress is now – and unfortunately – an integral part of our professional life.

While stress in small doses is a good stimulant, the danger is that it can become chronic. The person no longer goes through the recovery phases necessary to restore balance. Work becomes omnipresent and exhaustion lurks.

React before it’s too late ! The sooner you pay attention to the stress signals sent by your body and seek help, the sooner you will be able to put new habits in place to preserve your life balance and your health.

Is a coach the right person to accompany me ?

There are two possible scenarios:

  1. You are showing signs of stress but you feel you still have enough resources in you to turn things around ;

=> the coach is an effective ally who can give you tools for stress management and who will also offer to work on the origin of your stress.

  1. You are feeling stressed, tired and on edge ;

=> you need to go and see a doctor who is used to accompanying states of exhaustion and stress. Coaching is for later, when you have recovered and you want to think about the changes you need to implement.

How to work with a coach on the prevention of your professional stress?
  • Identify the symptoms of your physical, emotional and intellectual stress
  • Knowing when your body is entering a resistance phase and when you’re about to become exhausted
  • Identifying situations that stress you and taking a step back
  • Learn how to protect yourself, set your limits and have them respected
  • Better manage your schedule and priorities
  • Become aware of your relationship to work.

Return to work after a burn out

You’re off work due to exhaustion. You have not been at work for several weeks or months, and you are slowly starting to regain your strength, both physical and mental.

However, you are feeling anxious about the future and what happens next in your working life. You are not sure you want to continue working in the same place, sometimes you even consider going into something completely different…

It is now that reaching to a professional coach makes sense.

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In agreement with your doctor, I will accompany you to prepare your return to professional life.

Here are the areas to work on with your coach:

  • A reflection on what caused you to burn out and on your relationship with work.
  • An assessment of your last function to see if it is still adapted to your needs and desires.
  • Learn how to protect yourself, set your limits and have them respected.
  • Better manage your schedule and priorities.
  • Preparing for return-to-work interviews.
  • Helping you to reposition yourself professionally when this is envisaged.

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