Coaching for leaders of European lobbying associations

Executive Coaching for leaders of European lobbying association

European lobbying associations have their own specificities, due to their mission, their structure and their way of working. I have hands-on experience in this field and offer tailor-made coaching to the leaders of associations who wish to take time for reflection, supported by neutral professional guidance, without any interests at stake.

Different points can be addressed during the coaching sessions:

  • Redefining the mission of the association and its added value for the members
  • Optimising the way the association operates
  • Working on team cohesion
  • Strengthening the leadership of its managers

Team coaching ideally complements the reflexion initiated by the leader of the association

Expected results:

  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Optimise the way the association operates
  • Enhance internal and external communication (e.g. at Board level or at political level)
  • Improve your team dynamics

Team coaching ideally complements the reflection initiated by the leader of the association.

Team Coaching of EU associations’ secretariat

As a leader of a European lobbying association, it matters for you to have a performing team with employees who enjoy coming at work. Team coaching is highly powerful in some of the following situations:

  • The association is facing a change in its culture and ways of working
  • Commitment and motivation amongst the employees need to be strengthened
  • You want to initiate a common reflection with your team on the mission and vision of the association

And remember : “Take the best players in the world of a sport and put them together, it doesn’t make the best team in the world. “ => A team that uses team coaching is not a sign that it is doing badly; it is a sign that the team (or its leader) cares about improving its performance!

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