Career Coaching

Career Coaching

  • Feeling less motivated to go to work lately ?
  • Wondering if you’ve chosen your career path wisely ?
  • Have you been in the same job for a long time and sometimes begin to doubt your abilities ?
  • Do you want to evolve but feel stuck ?
  • Do you enjoy your work but don’t see yourself doing the same thing for years to come ?

These few situations illustrate the cases where career coaching is the appropriate answer to allow you to bounce back and move forward in your professional life.

Here is a range of possible situations that we can address:

  • Taking stock of the current situation
  • Become aware of your values and deep motivations
  • Reconnecting you to what’s important to you
  • Identify new career paths that suit you
  • Helping you make decisions and overcome blockages
  • Accompany you towards change: professional repositioning, CV, LinkedIn, selection interviews.

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