Return to work after a burn out

Return to work after a burn out

You’re off work due to exhaustion. You have not been at work for several weeks or months, and you are slowly starting to regain your strength, both physical and mental.

However, you are feeling anxious about the future and what happens next in your working life. You are not sure you want to continue working in the same place, sometimes you even consider going into something completely different…

It is now that reaching to a professional coach makes sense.

In agreement with your doctor, I will accompany you to prepare your return to professional life.

Here are the areas to work on with your coach:

  • A reflection on what caused you to burn out and on your relationship with work.
  • An assessment of your last function to see if it is still adapted to your needs and desires.
  • Learn how to protect yourself, set your limits and have them respected.
  • Better manage your schedule and priorities.
  • Preparing for return-to-work interviews.
  • Helping you to reposition yourself professionally when this is envisaged.

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