Corporate coaching

Corporate coaching

A company may consider offering a coaching path to one of its employees for different reasons, and this boost will help that colleague to function optimally and feel better at work. A few examples of corporate coaching:

  • Increasing self-confidence when facing a new position
  • Develop leadership and influence capacity
  • Improve interpersonal relations and manage conflicts
  • Developing listening skills
  • Managing stress and emotions
  • Restoring a good work-life balance
  • Adapting to change

The particularity of coaching in a company is the establishment of a tripartite contract between the coach, the person being coached and his or her hierarchical line. The objectives are set by mutual agreement, as well as the duration of the journey and its terms. Usually it is about ten hours spread over a few months. A debriefing session is always planned, in order to measure the impact of the coaching.

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