Team coaching

Team coaching

You are a team leader, manager, project manager or company director and you wish to :

  • Achieve your team objectives
  • Changing the culture of your team or organization
  • Increase commitment and motivation
  • Accompanying change
  • Clarify the mission and vision of your department or organization

Team coaching aims to achieve a common goal for all team members. The coach works with the team as a whole, without focusing on individual functioning. Objectives are usually set after an observation meeting where the coach does not intervene, or after individual intakes that will be translated into team objectives.

A team that uses team coaching is not a sign that it is doing badly; it is a sign that the team (or its leader) cares about improving its performance. Remember :

“Take the best players in the world of a sport and put them together, it doesn’t make the best team in the world. “

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