What is the duration of a session and what is the price ?

A session last about an hour, sometimes an hour and a half.

During the first meeting, we check your expectations and define an agreement and the indicators that will allow us to know if the objective is achieved. The duration and cost of the coaching are established.

Sessions can take place at my coaching office or by video, depending on your preference.

How long is the coaching process ?

It will depend on your goal. On average, results can be estimated after 6 to 8 sessions. Career reorientation will take place over a few months and will take about ten sessions. The pace of coaching is usually one session every two to three weeks. Preparing your return to work after a burnout will take several weeks. A coaching path can be faster for ad-hoc requests, for example making a professional choice.

In case of corporate coaching, the duration is determined in accordance with the HR department and the supervising manager.

The length of the coaching process is estimated after the first session.

How does the first session go ?

During the first session you will explain what your preoccupations are in order to define together your coaching goals. It is essential for a coach to work with a “mandate”, in other words a coaching contract. The latter can be simply oral when not within a corporate framework.

If you feel confident with your coach and if he/she feels able to accompany you on this journey, then you will define together the indicators for measuring progress and an estimate of the number of sessions.

How are the next sessions going ?

At each session, we check together the work you wish to do during this time that is yours, and what progress you hope to achieve that will bring you closer to your initial goal.

Are there any specific techniques or tools ?

Each coach has his or her own style and techniques. I am committed to choosing the most appropriate intervention tool according to the client’s situation and person: neurolinguistic programmation, neurosciences, transactional and systemic analysis. I juggle between dialogues and exercises involving all the dimensions of the human being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.


What are each person’s responsibilities ?

The coach is responsible for the process and has an obligation of means. You, the client, are responsible for the result. The coach accompanies you throughout your coaching process and keeps in mind your objective(s).


Where does the coaching session take place ?

I receive you at my coaching office located at Avenue Louise 486 in 1000 Brussels, or according to your preference we set up an appointment via Skype (frequently with my clients who do not live in Brussels or Belgium). For corporate coaching, if it is possible for me to come to the office, it is however preferable to schedule sessions outside of the usual place of work.

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