What is coaching ?

What is coaching ?

It is a time-limited, pragmatic and self-reliant accompaniment.

Coaching is designed to help you clarify what is important to you and find out the resources you need to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

It is a space for discussion and reflection for a better knowledge of yourself, your personal talents and resources.

The coach is a supportive and attentive partner, without bias or prejudice, because he/she is not part of your private or professional sphere. He/she questions and mirrors what he sees, hears and feels in your presence. It is this mirror game that makes you aware of your deepest motivations, your personality style, sometimes your inconsistencies, but also and above all your unsuspected strengths!

It is hand in hand that we establish your winning strategy, in order to make you gain serenity and power in all aspects of your life.

Coaching according to ICF

ICF (International Coach Federation) is the largest community of coaching professionals and brings together approximately 2,600 coaches in more than 120 countries.

Choosing an ICF-certified coach ensures that the coach has undergone certification, continues to train and is supervised in his/her daily practice by a professional, the latter two points being sine qua non conditions to maintain the ICF certification.

It also means that the ICF coach respects the 11 core coaching skills. In particular, any application will be the subject of a coaching contract that will define the framework and objectives of the coaching process.

ICF Privacy and Ethical Rules

Each ICF coach is committed to complying with the profession’s code of ethics https://coachfederation.org/code-of-ethics

Confidentiality of the coaching relationship is a fundamental rule: the coach undertakes not to communicate anything about the content of the sessions or to reveal the identity of his/her clients